Careers with Minta

Careers with Minta

Careers with Minta

Careers with MintaCareers with MintaCareers with Minta

New Zealand. Australia. England. 

And back again

Career Consultant

CV Editing | Career Pivoting | Career Coach


Fresh off the boat

Inspired by three jam-packed years in London where I successfully balanced kicking my career and travel goals, I'm eager to support anyone who is seeking a career reboot.

Whether this is a geographical move, a change in industry or a promotion chase - I would love to help nut out your plan of attack!

How Can I Help?

Comprehensive CV Editing


Whether you're seeking a new career direction, about to travel overseas, returning home from time abroad or are in need of a CV refresh, I can help.

Having just returned from a successful recruitment career in London, I am able to arm you with a compelling and attention grabbing CV.

Career Pivoting?


Together we’ll look at your career aspirations and long term goals, work with current and desired job descriptions to create a punchy plan of attack.

We'll need to be thorough. Exploring your best options based on your experience and communication style we will discuss your work history, strengths, accomplishments, development areas, skills, values and key motivators.

Career Coaching


Having proven success in assisting school leavers, new graduates, returners to the workforce or professionals seeking the next step or a career change - I would love to hear from you. Whatever your situation.

I work with a holistic approach - from a CV face-lift to detailed interview preparation and expectations around the recruitment process, including behavioural coaching throughout your career journey.

What is my Motivation?

Share Knowledge


Having just returned from nearly 5 years away from New Zealand - I know how daunting moving country and starting again is. My goal is to help to prepare you for what to expect in the job search outside of NZ.

Career Satisfaction


Like you, I want to do something I love.

I get a real kick out of helping people find the natural next step in their career journey.


My goal is for you to walk away empowered, excited and armed with the tools you need to take your career to the next level.

Help YOU


Tall poppy syndrome is a real thing. People don't do themselves justice - especially on their CV!

I'll listen. Probing you with questions for you to discover your next career move - with CV and Cover Letter guidance to match.

I get it.


As a Gen Y who has grown up in a millennial world - I get it. I acknowledge that we want a meatier role than we might have experience for, I know we want things done yesterday, I understand there is more to a job than just a description. 

And I get there might be more to life than a salary.

London Experience


Having walked the walk - I can add value to your pre-move plans. 

With work experience in NZ, London and Australia - I am confident my recruitment knowledge can provide career inspiration and direction (wherever your next home might be!).

Found my Niche


Since arriving home it's become obvious that the NZ market is asking for an honest, refreshing and forward-thinking career consultant.

I am able to assist in finding clarity around what you want and how to get there. What's more - I love discussing those options with you.