Careers with Minta

Careers with Minta

Careers with Minta

Careers with MintaCareers with Minta


Leah P - Kiwi in New Zealand

 "I haven't put together a CV for over 20 years so I had no idea where to start! On a recommendation from a friend I was given Minta's name. I had contacted other companies but they just wanted me to email them and they would 'throw' something together and email back, but I wanted to have a face-to-face. Minta met with me and I instantly knew she was the real deal! She listened to what I had achieved in my career, but what I was also interested in and she sensed I was a little confused as to where to go next. I am very happy with what she put together for me and that she spent some time to get to know a bit more about me"  (Media/Broadcasting Professional)

Sarah C - Australia to London (and back!)

"Minta is genuinely passionate about understanding you as a person. Her welcoming nature is rare in the recruitment industry, and speaking with her will leave you feeling excited about what opportunities are ahead. 

Minta’s strongest asset is her ability to recognise your unique qualities, ensuring you stand out and thrive in your career. Minta has helped me career wise to move to London and then back to Australia over the course of two years." (Sales and Recruitment Professional)

Katrina J - Kiwi in London

Upon arrival in London I had an interview with Minta and she assisted in curating my CV specifically for the British job market. Minta landed me a contract role (at my request) so I could keep paying for the London life while also allowing me time to interview for the elusive ‘career job’! 

Minta is professional, caring and trustworthy. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her for career support of any kind and I’ll be sure to use her expertise in the future." (Media Professional) 

Emily S - Kiwi in Canada

"I can’t speak highly enough of Minta’s services and expertise. She has such a genuine passion for wanting to see others succeed in their job search and future career.

Minta was a wonderful fresh set of eyes for my CV which I had added to but hadn’t changed in years. Her insights into how to best structure my skills and knowledge for my desired role was invaluable.

Our meeting gave me the confidence to explore new industries and relevant roles I could look to transfer my skills into." (Program Manager)

Kim J – Returning to work

“Minta’s guidance through a recent Employment Contract negotiation was invaluable.

She knew exactly the result I was aiming to achieve and supported me through the process, picking up on  the points that needed to be addressed with professionalism and competence.

Thank You Minta for a successful outcome!” (Industry Training Advisor)

Karin D - Kiwi in London

"Minta gives pragmatic, practical advice; after reworking my CV I got the interviews I wasn’t getting before” (Education Professional)


Lauren B - Australian moving to London

 Making the big move overseas can be scary and overwhelming and full of "unknown darkness" but Minta is your shining light to guide you through. She is so passionate about travel, London and helping people reach their maximum potential while living overseas.

Without her help and expertise I'd be so lost and have more stress. Finding the right role was critical to my move to London and Minta was my North star.

She is worth every penny..."pay what you think it's worth" I wish I had that much, priceless!!! 

Nadia H - Kiwi moving to London from Australia

 In preparation for my move from Melbourne to the UK, getting in touch with Minta has to be the best decision I made. I believe her assistance meant that I landed the job I was hoping for, prior to my arrival in the UK.!

I felt Minta really understood my goals and her careful crafting, expertise and pragmatism transformed my CV. She is a fountain of knowledge and exactly the person you want on your team. I cannot recommend her services highly enough!